Patricia Westgate is a Floral Designer who helps in planning and  executing flower arrangement for all your special needs. 

Before starting Between the Roses Florist, Patricia worked for twenty-five years helping clients achieve their interior design dreams, by creating the perfect kitchen, bath or living area using just the right materials–from tile, cabinets, and counters to furniture and finishing touches.  

Patricia always had a love for flowers, “Where flowers bloom so does hope. It is so exciting to be able to work with perfection before you even begin! How could one even begin to try and pick a favorite flower?”

Top in her class, Patricia studied under renowned florist Michael Gaffney, who’s career has allowed him to appear on numerous television shows, and design for many films, weddings, and special events across the country.

Now, Patricia’s dreams have come true! Moving back to Massachusetts with her husband in order to be with their children and grandchildren was just the beginning. Now Patricia is surrounded by beautiful flowers every day. Her shop not only specializes in floral arrangement she has a wide variety of unique gifts, cards and houseplants.

Patricia focuses on personalized service, and is happiest making others happy.